For the Love of Opa

Why we chose to support S.A.S.H.A

SASHA Newsletter Article – September 2018

Between September 24 and October 6, 2018, Dutch Delicious Bakery will be hosting a fundraiser “For the Love of Opa” for the St. Albert Sturgeon Hospice Association (SASHA). “For the Love of Opa” first started in 2015, when Opa, someone close to Siebe and the bakery, was in hospice in Edmonton. Opa had been enduring a painful cancer journey since 2013 and had often expressed his desire to never end up in palliative care. To him, and to many, of us, hospice and/or palliative care is where you go to die. But, as his cancer worsened and his pain became more and more difficult to manage outside of a hospital setting, it became clear that hospice was the best option. And while it was only a matter of days, or perhaps even hours, before he and those around him realized he was in a superb place surrounded by wonderful caregivers, we would all be so surprised over the next few months that we were in a place of the living. His room was distinctly non-medical and family and friends were welcome any time. Whether it was a morning routine of coffee and reading the newspaper, to gathering for coffee and cake with 15 of us, to honouring a family tradition of making pancakes together (yes, in his room!), there were no limits. And therein lies the beauty of hospice – to make the remaining time of a resident as meaningful and special as possible. To live!

And so, on thanksgiving weekend 2015, Siebe and Dutch Delicious wanted to show their commitment to nourishing community — in this case it was to give back and show appreciation for the hospice — by hosting a fundraiser for Norwood, where Opa spent his final months.

This year, SASHA is grateful that it will be the recipient of Dutch Delicious’ generosity. And so, between September 24 and October 6, 100% of all sales of online orders of pumpkin harvest tortes will be donated to SASHA. Check out their website at Not only that, but on Saturday, October 6th, 50% of all in-store purchases will also be donated! So come on in to the bakery, located at 13232 – 118 Avenue, Edmonton, where you will find such delectable treats like fresh whip cream pastries, artisan breads made from scratch– no preservatives, and European imports from jams and veggies to cheese and giftware. While you are in, take a moment to sit and soak up the authentic cozy European atmosphere over a good cup of Dutch coffee. Let’s nourish community together!