For Siebe , its Personal

What we're all about

Dutch Delicious is a fine Dutch Bakery and European Delicatessen. However for me, Siebe, this business is about connecting with the people around me – those I work with and for. Delicious bread and unique groceries are the ingredients that get me there. Our warm, aromatic, and friendly bakery provides the “gezellig” environment that enables those connections to happen. At the end of the day Dutch Delicious is about nurturing friendships, strengthening our community and making a difference in your life and ours.

Experience a slice of our culture

Watch Siebe bake and then deliver the delicious contents of these boxes.

Listen to what we're listening to

Whether you’re baking at 5 am, or enjoying one of our fine Dutch flavours you can live-stream Dutch radio with us.

History of our bakery (or: How the delicious got here)

In 2006 my wife, Joni Koopman, and I bought the old Sherbrooke Bakery. It was originally owned by a Ukrainian baker in the 1940s, when it was on the NE side of the traffic circle. In 1961, a Dutch couple named Peter and Josephine Huppelschoten bought the bakery. In 1986, they moved it to its present location. In 2001 they sold the business to John Vrieselaar and his two sisters Jacqueline and Elizabeth.

My team and I have been happily baking here since 2006. We filled up the bread rack and pastry showcase with wholesome Dutch baked goods. We restocked the shelves with Dutch and other European imports. Then, in a fitting display of “truth-in-advertising,” we re-named the bakery “Dutch Delicious.”

Come visit us and enjoy a little piece of Europe right here in Edmonton.