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Dutch Delicious is a fine Dutch Bakery and European Delicatessen.
We offer you a warm and welcoming environment and delicious baked goods made from scratch with natural.

Find out how we bake the difference!

It is good to have fun while we work. Although one of our core values is 'knowledgeable', you do get bonus points for learning Dutch.

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Get in touch with your Dutch

Many European immigrants miss the food and culture from back home. We are a Dutch bakery and deli that stocks a large assortment of imports in an authentic European atmosphere so you can be nourished and reconnected with your roots.

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We have all your favorite traditional bread, 7 days a week! You can choose from a rich variety of bread.


We have a high variety of buns with different flavors in many shapes and sizes.


We specialize in custom cakes for all occasions. You can choose from a variety of designs to create the perfect cake for you.


We can provide you a variety of cookies,using an array of ingredients including spices, chocolate, nuts or dried fruits.


We can provide you a wide amount of pastries with extracted flavors on seasonal.


From elegant wedding cakes to delicious gift baskets, we can help you create a perfect and unique wedding.

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Bring your community together with
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Experience A Slice of Culture

Do you remember sitting at omas table and tasting her time-tested treats?

Our classes are in a small setting where you will experience hands on the authentic delicious way of baking. With just you and maximum 5 others. It can be your friends, siblings or team mates. It will feel like breaking bread together.

We cover any topic you prefer, but usually go over our history, bread, rustic pizza and traditional Black forest Cake, while continuously nibbling on Dutch food.

The little bit of Dutch we add makes all the difference for food that is deeply satisfying to body and soul.

Get In Touch with your Dutch

Many European immigrants miss the food and culture from back home. We are a Dutch bakery and deli that stocks a large assortment of imports in an authentic European atmosphere so you can be nourished and reconnected with your roots.

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In 2006 my wife, Joni Koopman, and I bought the old Sherbrooke Bakery. It was originally owned by a Ukrainian baker in the 1940s, when it was on the NE side of the traffic circle. In 1961, a Dutch couple named Peter and Josephine Huppelschoten bought the bakery. In 1986, they moved it to its present location. In 2001 they sold the business to John Vrieselaar and his two sisters Jacqueline and Elizabeth.

My team and I have been happily baking here since 2006. We filled up the bread rack and pastry showcase with wholesome Dutch baked goods. We restocked the shelves with Dutch and other European imports. Then, in a fitting display of “truth-in-advertising,” we re-named the bakery “Dutch Delicious.”

Come visit us and enjoy a little piece of Europe right here in Edmonton.

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DutchDelicious European bakery located in Edmonton Alberta, baking fresh bread every day using simple wholesome ingredients.


Some of our most frequently asked questions

Are you open Mondays? What are your opening hours?

Yes we are. From Monday through Friday we are open from 8:00 – 5:30. Saturdays we are open from 8:00 – 5:00.
Sundays and Holidays we are closed.

Are you the old Sherbrooke bakery?

Before 2006 Dutch Delicious used to be Sherbrooke Bakery. At that point we found that the customers were ready for a change. With the change of ownership we changed the name.

What is your nationality?

Dutch is from the Netherlands. Holland is a province in The Netherlands. Coming from The Netherlands you are called Dutch.

What is a Signature Item for Dutch Delicious?

Our Almond filled cookie. Filled with real almond paste, and lots of it.
The Raisin buns, filled with many raisins and currants.
Our Apple slices have been called better than the German Apfel Strudel. Sweet with some cinnamon and raisins.

What would be some Dutch products in your store?

Mocha Cake. The Dutch way of Mocha is white cake with Coffee buttercream. Where the north American way of Mocha is a mixture with coffee and Chocolate.

What do your cakes look like?

We believe in traditional looking cake where natural colors and shapes of fruit, chocolate and artisan Bakers piping work create the look of the cake.

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Oma is in the house

Bring the aroma of a Dutch Saturday morning to your own kitchen with authentic Dutch cuisine.

Yes, I would love a Dutch recipe!

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