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“It is not possible”

My dear brother in law and sister were told that the chances were next to impossible for them to become pregnant.

After two years of processing this difficult news and loads of prayer a miracle from God happened. In the middle of the process to become foster parents, my sister did get pregnant. The timing and the rare chance of this happening, had the doctors stunned.

It was going to happen!

This past Friday May 29, little Jolijn, which means ‘God is Gracious’, was born to my brother in-law and sister! We are beyond excited and wanted to share this story with you.

As a way celebrate her arrival we created a cute and little, delicious pastry! This pastry does not come close to the joy this little girl brings. However, on this side of the ocean its our way to enjoy Jolijn. The Almond Jolijn has an almond and custard bottom, and fresh whipcream, topped with a fresh strawberry.

Although it’s not possible for me to visit the Netherlands to see my cutest little niece, we

are finding new ways to show her love until…

It is possible.



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  1. Pap

    Wow, Siebe, what a nice way to express your love to Jolijn and family even in the products you make. Many greetings and love from the other side of the ocean

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