Find out how we bake the difference!

breakfast cake (ontbijtkoek)

Really? …just because you’re a baker you have cake for breakfast?

We have a ‘cake’ that we eat with morning coffee, it is actually called breakfast cake. With just a lick of butter, its good to go! In big families like the one I grew up in, we even had it on bread: its filling and cheap!

Although it is sweet, the whole baking process is so much different than bread, or cake for that matter. Rye flour gets BOILED with honey for example! my take away was that its actually healthier than you think! And to my big surprise, which i learned at the bakery school, that the taste from “koek” comes from the speculaas spice that gets added.

Then of course my oma bought the one with added ginger, where i loved the one with the pearl sugar.

So you do not have to be a baker, just Dutch: ’cause when my mom wasn’t watching I added chocolate hail to the breakfast cake! Yummie.