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a fast hurry

As Dutch folk we are known for many things. Of course the obvious windmills, tulips, and klompen…but did you know that another Dutch trait we are known for is speed?

We love to hurry. Whether its a quick trip to the store, a fast bike ride down to the market, or a race against traffic to beat all those traffic jams Holland is famous for, we have a need for speed. Relatives of mine had a grocery store in a small Dutch community. One day a lady came in puffing from exertion and declared that she was, “in a fast hurry!” so they had better be quick about it.

In fact, the Dutch are so fast that in the year 2013 there were 8,442,360 speeding tickets handed out! That makes sense when you realize that there are also about 880 working traffic cameras in Holland. The government must figure why not capitalize on all those lead footed Dutchies.