Find out how we bake the difference!

a quarter of a century

Its really a three part story.

As you might know, our Patricia has been at the bakery for a long time. Yes we feel she is ours as we say in Dutch she is just about “part of the furniture”. Her first day at the bakery was when Peter and Josephine moved their bakery to its current location. Since then it has changed to the siblings Vrieselaar and in ’06 to us.

Patricia has been with three owners for a full 25 years of service. Its really a life long commitment that shows so much character. Yesterday it was fun celebrating this success with her family for a short coffee and her favorite meal – which was not from Dutch descent at all.

We’ll miss you care, your stories and your service to the customers. Who will now talk to us, while looking over their glasses – the way you do best!

We wish you the best as you enjoy this new part of your life, where you get to be a full-time Oma.