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Cute Dutch history in stock

The shelves in our storefront just got that much cuter. Well no, not the actual shelves themselves, but what is gracing them. Nijntje tableware.

All you Dutch folk out there know exactly what I’m talking about. That cute little bunny who is found in many children’s books. In English you might know her as Miffy. But she was first created in Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands by Dick Bruna in 1955. Her name is shortened from konijn, the Dutch word for rabbit. Now that right there is good, practical Dutch thinking!

Now you can enjoy Nijntje and all her friends along with your lunch. This cute set comes with dinner plates, regular bowls, dessert bowls, and tumblers. The added feature of a character on the inside bottom of the bowl will have your child excitedly eating so that they can find out who is in their bowl. Some of our children may or may not have accidentally dumped out a bowl of cheerios and milk to take a sneak peek at theirs! The kids love them, but I may love them even more. They are hard plastic, so no breaking, they are kid size, and the small bowls even have a sort of handle making them perfect for feeding baby. And did I mention cute? I so enjoy the brightly set table. Meal time will only be more fun.