Find out how we bake the difference!

Did you know….?

There are some questions that we get asked very often here at the bakery. So often that we decided to write a blog to put these burning questions to rest. Let’s call it the FAQ page, if you will.

FAQ #1 Are you open on Mondays?

A. Yes! We are open Monday – Friday 8 – 5:30 and Saturday 8 – 5. We’d love for you to stop by on Monday morning to start your week off sweet. On holiday Mondays we are closed to enjoy family time.

FAQ #2 Is your bread fresh?

A. Our bakers are early risers.(pun intended) The back of the bakery is a noisy rush around 2 am already! We bake all of our breads and buns fresh for each day. So that has to happen at night while the rest of us sleep so that the products will be ready to sell first thing in the morning. The delicious aroma in the bakery at 8 am will tell you all about it. Then, once all the bread has been bought up, that’s it. We are out for the day. The bleary eyed bakers will be back around 2 am again to mix up a new batch fresh for that day. When we say its fresh, we mean it!

FAQ #3 Do you sell stroopwafels?

A. Of course! We are Dutch Delicious…you can’t have delicious Dutchness without stroopwafels. We carry at least 4 different brands from extra butter to minis. If you don’t know what a stroopwafel is…think gooey caramel syrup sandwiched between 2 thin layers of waffle. They are most often enjoyed with tea or coffee. You’ll easily spot the true Dutchman– he’ll put the stroopwafel on top of his cup to warm up all that deliciously gooey syrup.

FAQ #4 What nationality is this bakery?

A. I know. It can be confusing. Holland, the Netherlands, Dutch…which is what? We are a Dutch bakery, meaning that we originate from the country called the Netherlands. People will often call the country Holland but this is not entirely correct. There are 12 provinces in the Netherlands and two of them are called Holland (north and south). The inhabitants of this country speak Dutch and are called the Dutch. It has also been said that “If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much”. I’m not sure on the accuracy of that one, but it is catchy. So welcome to our Dutch Delicious!

FAQ #5 What are your signature items?

A. Definitely our Dutch raisin bread and buns! We really put raisins in them and they are so moist and soft, just the way they should be.

Also the vanilla slice or ‘tompouce’ in Dutch. This flaky, creamy, vanilla custard delight is such a well known and loved Dutch pastry.

Mocha cake squares are another totally Dutch indulgence! The Dutch love their coffee, so here it is in a pastry. Dutch mocha is not the same as our North American mocha in which we put chocolate. This mocha is straight up coffee!

Stroopwafels are another great seller. We’ve already introduced them in FAQ #3.

And no Dutch coffee break would be complete without a speculaas cookie. You know the ones with the little windmills on them? Speculaas is a combination of spices which the Dutch use quite liberally. It’s closest Canadian relative would be a sweet ginger snap cookie with more cinnamon.

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