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Foreign Aid

I went to do a load of laundry the other day and came across some foreign object laying on top of my washing machine. A long, thin white plastic stick with a foot on one end. I gave it a quick glance, shrugged, and decided that it must have been something my husband brought home. Maybe to fix the toilet which had recently been acting up.

The next day I discovered our children having the greatest fun with this same white stick. They though it was a great pool cue for playing marble pool. Although this did look like fun, I asked them to please put the stick away as Papa might need it to fix something.

So the stick lay on our washer for a few more days. Then one evening around the supper table, conversation turned to writing this blog. “Yeah, did you see the potten likker I brought home?” my husband asked. “I thought you could write a blog on that” he added.”No, I mean…I don’t think so. What is a…that thing you just said?” was my reply.

It was then that we discovered that the foreign object on top of our washer was most certainly not a part for the toilet, nor a toy, but rather, it was a Dutch invention to clean out near empty pots! Having trouble getting that last bit of mayonnaise out of the jar–pot licker to the rescue. Same with jam, apple sauce, and nutella; you name it, potten likker will claim it!

Since we were eating supper anyway, one of our sons ran downstairs to retrieve the stick and my husband demonstrated just how useful it could be by cleaning out our apple sauce jar to perfection. And due to the length of the stick his fingers didn’t get a drop on them.

With this much thrift and cleanliness, it can only be a Dutch invention!

And so I present to you the afore mentioned potten likker blog post.