Find out how we bake the difference!

Giving it Away

Breaking bread together is a personal signature of our bakery; chosen because we are in the bonding business. We connect with people. Our love for people and for food is summed up in this statement.

We have been doing this quite literally for this past week by giving half a loaf of Multi grain bread to our customers. Its been fun introducing people to our way of doing business, which is fostering relationships.

But like a wedding cake, we added a tier to our very own way of breaking bread. We mixed up our team so that our bakers were making sandwiches and our front team did the baking to prepare for our annual field-trip. We all did something different than we were used to so we all contributed to preparing this special lunch!

And off we went in two cars to the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert. Here Lila was waiting at the door, welcoming us in. (We first went to the wrong door and almost fed the whole shipping and receiving department, who were of course happy to receive this surprise visit. After an inside phone call Lila was able to secure the lunch for her department: the Adult day Support Program.) Over two days we fed close to 50 patients and a bakers dozen of hospital staff. It was a whole new level for us to be out of our regular routine, and was amazing to give of our very own to people in the same community!