Find out how we bake the difference!

intentional integrity

It’s so amazing to deal with people whom you can trust – at all times. People who are consistent in their talk and walk.

Meeting people, you quickly realize that they become who they are because of their WHY in life. It is delightful to talk with these kinds of people. They are this way completely on purpose. Straight up honest is so refreshing.

At the bakery we have a Core Value that talks about short cuts: a way to get to your destination quicker, but at the cost of taste, relationships, quality, people, money or what ever the case may be. It’s so worth it to have no secrets and to be who you are – on purpose – all the time. We aim to take the time to do it right all the time.

One great way to go quickly to your destination, however, is by flying from Edmonton to Amsterdam. Direct. Wow, that’s just out of this world!