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just six months

My Mom’s Oma (my great Oma) lived at a seniors home. As a kid we went there regularly. They had long hallways, and ramps that were ideal for us to run on. I remember us just running, cause the halls didn’t seem to end. Oma Bosscher, my great Oma, was very sweet and somehow remembered all our names. She was 94 years old. She’d sing nursery rhymes with us and tell stories and poems she remembered from when she was in school herself.

The last time I went to visit her was with just my Oma. We sat on either side of her feeding her lunch. Then reading books. My Oma put Oma Bosscher’s glasses on, but because she was sitting on the side of her, the arm of the glasses on my side, was poking Oma’s ear. I remember placing it correctly, on Oma’s ear. I was only 14 then but remember that last time with Oma well.

Now, I have just two hats from her husband, to remember her by. One is a bowler hat and the other a top hat. The initials of my great Opa are printed in the rim very fancy with black and golden buttons. The top hat is even in a thin wooden box where the hat hangs upside down on little strings, to avoid misshaping of the hat. Its very neat. The box still bears the label of the company which made the hat back in 1938.

My Opa (on my Mom’s side) passed away in 2007. My Canadian Opa in 2015. Besides that we had no funerals in our family. Its a part of life I have not been exposed to much. Both Opa’s were well in age and one of them battled cancer. I can’t imagine when you have to say goodbye to loved ones who are are taken away from us so unnaturally.

Especially after just six months of life.

This week a family in our community was sharing some baked goods and toys with families in the hospital to celebrate what would have been their child’s first birthday. It was such a warm gesture on such a cold day, to extend hope, love and appreciation for the gift of life.