Find out how we bake the difference!


Once inside you will taste the atmosphere of the old building, the bakery antiques and the bakers craftsmanship. I was told by their friendly staff that on a Sunday morning their customers wait as they see their favorite products being baked in-front of their eyes. The open bakery concept is here so cozy and it makes you feel part of the bakery so you want to wear an apron just to help out. While our krentewegge is full of currants (see picture below), Bokkers ‘wegge’ is a whole new experience. Purchased by the slice, and cut for you by hand, in a old fashioned brick windowsill. It’s soft yet dense and cake stylish ‘crumb’ will amaze you, and each currant on your palate feels like its coated in brown sugar.

Although deserved all the way, first prize or not, I’ll just have another slice – please…