Find out how we bake the difference!

Let them eat cake

If April showers bring May flowers, then May flowers must bring June weddings. Yes, folks, it is beginning to be that time of the year again. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and love is in the air! That, of course, can only mean one thing: wedding cake! Did you know that Dutch Delicious makes wedding cakes?

Wedding cakes were a part of Siebe’s repertoire even before he started the bakery. He made them for friends back when he still lived in Holland, but his very first Canadian cake was special. It was for our own wedding in 2006. Let me tell you a little of how that went.

Siebe was excited to plan and make our wedding cake all by himself. He drew up a beautiful 5 layer (yes, big families) with the middle 2 layers being 1 double high layer. To show our Dutch heritage, he chose to decorate it with fondant designs that had been impressed in a speculaas cookie plank. It looked lovely on paper! Now to execute his plan. Suffice it to say that it took him longer to decorate than anticipated and ended up requiring an extra set of hands to cover in fondant. But beautiful it was.

Then we had to transport the beautiful cake to our venue. This meant an hour long car ride for the cake. Siebe gingerly placed the cake on the back seat of our car and off we went. Half way through the trip he thought that we should maybe check how the cake was doing. So we pulled off the road and opened the box. You should know that our car seat is slanted. “Oh, no!” said Siebe as he saw the cake. It too, had begun to slant! That fancy double middle layer was sliding down the cake. “What do I do? Maybe if I turn the cake around it will slide back the other way to where it belongs?” Siebe thought out loud. So he did and on we drove until the next gas station. Another cake check with another slight rotation and we were once again on our way. In the end, we arrived at the venue with a perfectly centered cake that was much admired by all.

Siebe has gotten better at making cakes over the years and has even delivered them incident free. He also has a few other bakers with him who know how to bake a cake as well, one of whom is a natural at cake decorating. So if you are planning a wedding this summer we would love you to stop by to see and taste what we have to offer. Or bring in your photos and ideas so that together we can make your wedding cake dreams come true just as ours did 11 years ago.