Find out how we bake the difference!

“Slice me some bologna.”

“Sieb, I have an oil filter for you that fits your car! You may have it”

Every week Bob comes for a loaf of brown bread and 14 slices of bologna, his weekly work lunches. Bob drives tractors, has a few cars, works for Kenworth and trouble shoots these engines for a living. He’ll know in a split second what is wrong with your engine, knows how to maintain it, and fix it. Anything engine, on wheels and diesel – he’s the man. He’ll remind me when I’m due for a oil change, when my tires are too low, even surprise-washed my car for me!

So here I stand. How do I tell him that I’ve never changed my own oil?! I mean, this filter must be used to run the oil through, maybe over, who knows?! Maybe its supposed to be in the filter? I try to start: ” Nice. Thanks Bob. So .. do I uh… it’s just for the oil right?” Bob says slowly, “Yes, its for your car. It fits yours!” I continue trying to make it sound like I know what this is about: “So I just hold it under…? Or do I screw it on…”

Baking bread is to some a science, just like engines are to me. There is a whole lot going on even as soon as the water comes into contact with the flour. Never mind mixing it at the right temperature, with the right equipment and adding other ingredients. Then lets talk about the time, and the ‘heart’ that goes into it. Because really, our hands are extensions of our hearts which will put the love in each loaf!

So about that time…This is why we start early in the morning to have the bread ready for you during the day time. We bake all night to have the bread fresh for you in the morning. The process of resting, kneading, shaping, rising and baking takes anywhere from 4 -48 hours! So when you order your loaf, your pastry, your dessert, we ask for one day, sometimes even two days notice. This is so that we can bake it for you at night(!) so you can enjoy it fresh THAT day.

Its okay if you do not know anything about baking, that is why we are here. We LOVE to do it for you, really we do. So come in, take your favorites; we did bake it fresh that morning, that night! Even if you didn’t know.

I never did get my oil filter. Bob responded to me, “Just slice me my bologna, that’s what you know – stick with it”.