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“Look honey! Shall we, for the kids?”
These huge party bags of Dutch Marshmallows are so fun. And they are purposely on the floor. Every child (even the ones at heart) can’t resist and have to pick one up.

As this customer was trying to convince her husband to buy this bag, I couldn’t resist getting involved. Not only to share my expertise and my memories to these childhood treats, this is my honest chance to eat some as well.

As Salesman you get to eat products under the title of trying to sell. Here too, hoping for a bite, I gave my advise: “these pointy bags are good, but they are almost too sweet. To enjoy a traditional “spekje” have one of these, here I’ll open it. These white bags are of the same quality, very fresh, soft and no sugar coating, thats how you want them.”

The husband then burst out in laughter: “look at us; ‘buying it for the kids’, making quotation marks in the air with his hands. “We are in our fifties, eating toddlers treats, you gotta love it.” – yes, don’t we all.

And here I find my self writing…. I think I sold my self.