Find out how we bake the difference!

The culture of friendship

Relationships are so amazing! It’s impossible to stuff this feeling into a neat little nutshell. It will take time and a longer explanation. It’s kinda like bread…actually it’s a lot like bread.

I just met with a friend tonight and I always am so fulfilled after meeting with friends like him. It gives me a feeling of completeness and it is the why in my life. Some one is at his best when being at the intersection of what he is passionate about, what he is good at, and what he feels his calling is.

Having this amazing store, a place where people like to spend time and even their money, is more than a dream come true. Meeting more people, and meeting people more is so enriching. Too many try to make it on their own in life, and its just not realistic – not even possible. Besides the personal need to connect with people, others we meet also have so much to offer in life experiences, that it is a loss when we forget to take the necessary steps to connect.

In this same way relationships are like bread. Ingredients need to be combined and ripen in a specific culture to develop the right flavor, taste and structure. When every ingredient does its part, it’s like an artisan bread. It’s an enriching life giving experience for the better of all, not only the one initiating. Tony Robbins puts it well when he says “(..)Its a place to give (..) and not to take”.

Next time you savour an artisan bread and you close your eyes to experience all the flavors coming to life on your palate, think of someone you can break it with; a person in your life you can connect better with, by giving something of yourself. It’ll be worth it.