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Have you ever heard of vlaflip?

“Huh? Is that a far drive?”

Actually it is a dessert.

Maybe you’ve heard of vla. And if you haven’t, we think that you should. You’ll need it to make vlaflip. Vla is a delectable Dutch pudding. It comes in a variety of flavours, the most popular being vanilla or chocolate and is a smooth, creamy, thick yet fluid custard. It is a very typically Dutch dessert as well as children’s snack and can be found in all super markets in Holland.

Sound good? Let’s continue.

Vlaflip has some add-ins to make it even yummier. Here’s another Dutch one for you: limonadesiroop. Literally it means lemonade syrup. But it is oh so much more than lemonade. The Dutch have endless varieties of drink syrups that you add to water to make juice. So choose a flavour to tingle your taste buds and add it to your vla. Next we throw in some yogurt. Plain works best for this recipe, but you could add a flavoured version if you so desired. Serve it in layers so that it looks as pleasing as it tastes.

It’s that easy. 3 simple ingredients for a super delicious dessert. If you want to make it a little more sophisticated, you could add fresh fruit and a mint leaf for garnish and serve it in a cocktail glass. So you see that vlaflip would be a welcome addition to a children’s party as well as a grand finale to a formal dinner.

Have you tried it already?