Find out how we bake the difference!

we’re better because of our team ..

So we hope our team is better because of us.

One of the ways our team shows a willingness to grow is that they enjoy learning Dutch. So everyday we have a word of the day, so that slowly we can converse in my mother tongue.

We already use “doei -doei” when leaving work, “koffie” when its time for one, especially during our long night hours, and other words we share run the gamut from “achtentachtig” (88) up to “korting” (discount). Some are just so fun to say with all those Dutch spitting in the back of your throat ‘g’s’.

Today we covered (some) baking terms. H-O-W we bakers do that is by writing in flour, naturally. Its amazing having them show love for the Dutch language.

Translating things literally often offers up a laugh, as I remember trying to tell them that ‘I fell with my nose in the butter’. “You what?” they queried as they stared at my nose. Well, I just meant to say that “things worked out in my favor”, like the Dutch saying suggests.

It is good to have fun while we work. Although one of our core values is ‘knowledgeable’, you do get bonus points for learning Dutch. So next time you see one of the team, why not test their handle of the language? You kan vraag them something of say dag, maybe.