Find out how we bake the difference!

“you’re not even fifty yet…”

Most of us are not that old yet of course.

And although some are, I’m sure its like wine and cheese, that they get better with age. Back at home it is a big thing when you turn 50. It is the big five-zero.

Family members will get a doll dressed up in the front yard, sitting on a chair complete with walking cane. Signs are placed by the road to get people to honk three times. Flag-streamers are slung from the house to the gate and back – a big deal. Also with the food they have a special treat for this occasion.

In the Netherlands we call someone who is turning 50 an Abraham or a Sarah. And it’s actually biblical: In John 8:57 it says: “..You’re not even fifty years of age, how can you say you have seen Abraham?” In other words, are you that old that you were around in the time Abraham lived?

Dutch Bakers have baked to this for years with an almond filled speculaas doll in the shape of Abraham or Sarah to help celebrate this milestone.